Pemba Island

About Pemba Island

The epitome of a tropical paradise, Pemba has green valleys with rice paddies, palm trees and clove plantations that shade the roads. The tourism industry in Pemba is still in its infancy and infrastructure is therefore quite basic. It should be noted that Pemba is very different from the spice island of Zanzibar, and the people of Pemba are less exposed to the Tourism Industry. Therefore Visitors to the island are kindly requested to respect local customs and beliefs. All Guests are advised to observe the dress code, wearing loose dresses and trousers and avoid shorts and minis and kissing as well whilst going around.

Accommodation varies from Luxury Hotels in Micheweni and Mkoani to Budget and Standard Hotels in Chake Chake and Wete Districts. There are also some few Apartments to stay in Chake Chake. The island of Pemba is now regarded as one of the leading destination for scuba dive and deep sea fishing in the world. Wedding holidays, honeymoon vacations and conference tourism are also some of the much taken holidays across the island. If you are interested with Yacht Safaris Pemba should also be one of your destinations. Other destinations include Saadani Park, Zanzibar and Mafia islands.