Pemba Island

Pemba Weddings

Getting married in paradise has a magic all its own, and it's even more wonderful when you share it with everyone you love. We offer a spectacular collection of weddings and vow renewals. And we take care of every detail, so instead of thinking of your wedding day, you can focus on each other. Best of all, your honeymoon begins the moment you say, "I do." Whether your marriage is fresh in your mind or is an ageless passion that has stood the test of time, Beaches make it easy to say you would all over again.

Our wedding and honeymoon trips offer something rather different, to make this special time an unforgettable one. Whether it’s a wedding with a view, under canvas, on a beach, in the bush we can organise it to suit numbers, budget and dates. The company does not offer a ‘packaged wedding’. We prepare a custom itinerary to suit the needs of the couple, their time constraints and their wish list. We can forward to you some most popular packages if you want