Pemba Island

Pemba Hotels

If you are looking for accommodation on the island of Pemba in Zanzibar Tanzania – East Africa, EA Holidays as one of the best and most respected Pemba based Tour Operator, has a great selection of Beach Hotels, Town Hotels, Guest Houses and Apartments in Chake Chake, Wete, Mkoani and Micheweni. While all Hotels in Micheweni and Mkoani are Beach Hotels, Chake Chake has both Beach Hotels and Town Hotels and Wete has only Town Hotels. If you really need to relax the only option is to come to Pemba Island.

The number of Hotels on the island and flights coming to and from Pemba are very few, in this case we kindly take this opportunity to advise all our Guests to book accommodation and flight in advance. The most luxury Hotels on pemba Island are Fundu Lagoon in Mkoani, The Manta Resort in Micheweni and the newly Muyuni Beach Resort which is also located in Micheweni District. If you want to stay in Apartment, the only option is to stay in Chake Chake.