Pemba Island

Welcome to Pemba

If you are looking for an exciting Beach Holiday, Deep Sea Fishing Safari or a Scuba Dive Vacation you are most welcome to Pemba Island in Zanzibar Tanzania – East Africa. The island of Pemba is one of the best destinations in East Africa for Wedding Holidays, Honeymoon Vacations, Yacht Safaris, Conference Tourism, Watersports Activities and Beach Leisure. In terms of accommodation Pemba offers some very few Hotels and Apartments where the best places to stay are Chake Chake, Mkoani, Wete and Micheweni.

When it comes to excursions and tours, Pemba Island offers a wide variety tours and excursions including sightseeing and activities in different touristic sites across the island of Pemba. Special sunset cruise using ngalawa, ngezi rain forest, bull fighting, yacht safari, Misali island tour, Pemba spice tour, Pemba flying fox tour, game fishing, scuba dive, snorkeling, village tours and ruins tours, to name but a few. It is always recommended to book your accommodation in advance to avoid some disappointments as the number of hotels to stay in Pemba Island are very few.