Pemba Island

Pemba Yacht Holidays

Treat yourself to the ultimate luxury adventure and let the Pemba's tropical breezes carry you on an unforgettable sailing vacation with traditional dhow or yacht. We will show you the best that pemba has to offer. Full moon crossing from Zanzibar to Pemba; stunning diving off Misali Island and in the Fundo Gap; over to Tanga on the mainland and back; dolphins, giant fruit bats, bushbabies; lost in the jungle; incredible adventures.

We offer a unique experience to those wishing to explore the beautiful coastline and virgin coral reefs of Pemba Island with Yacht. Be it a Honeymoon, an Anniversary, a Birthday, photographing, holiday or any other, your experienced crew will pamper you and make your vacation, activity or celebration truly special. We can customize your holiday by taking the necessary time to plan your gourmet menu, itinerary and activities.